Embracing the End of 2020

This is absolutely the worst year as far as I am writing this blog, and what I plan is to memorize the good things and find an exit way to a better place where I can find my inner peace.

One thing that I started now, read more books whatever they’re written in Chinese or English. I’ve been long days without reading some real wisdom, also, that I learned for these years I’ve been in school is keeping giving feedback of my life. I’ve tracked my days during high school through writing diaries on Evernote(now I think it’s a shit platform), which really benefits me, and that helped me to tide over some difficult patches. You will always learn something new whatever it’s helping or not from the shits you wrote, the most advantage I got is the writing ability was sharply upgraded that made a good score on the last exam of my high school life. And.. the retrospect was a really good time in my life.

We all know the reason for the worst year, but the truth is there is still something good happened in my dog days. I met a girl who I believed she’s my destiny, and I learned some life experience from my intern in two companies, though spans took are short.


Here are some work that should be done at the end of the year

  • Write daily report, at least nothing done will be recorded
  • Change the website (framework)
  • Excel in …
  • Keep loving my sweetheart
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