我是 Jabriel (JB), 一名电脑新手,正在追求成为一位卓越的故事大师和娴熟的屠龙高手。

My friends call me Jabriel, I'm a computer newbie, and I'm on a mission to become both a master storyteller and a skilled dragon-slayer.

I've always been captivated by the art of storytelling, whether it's found within the pages of a book, the frames of a movie, or the interactive world of video games.

Currently, I work as a Game Engine Programmer (open in a new tab) , dedicated to crafting the next-generation interactive experiences that bring joy and excitement to people worldwide. I strive to utilize my code to weave compelling narratives and create immersive adventures that deeply engage players.

Additionally, I'm an amateur enthusiast of theoretical physics, with a particular fondness for Richard Feynman (open in a new tab) .

I'll be sharing my thoughts and experiences in programming, hobbies, and life. As an aspiring dragon-slayer, I'll also recount my adventures and the lessons I've gleaned along the way. My aim is to present captivating stories and experiences that both entertain and inspire, offering valuable insights in the process.

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