朋友们都叫我 Jabriel, 我不通电脑,不懂游戏,一己之梦是成为一个讲故事的大师和一名英勇的打龙勇士。


有人把电子游戏归类为“第九艺术”。目前,我在游戏引擎研发 (open in a new tab) 领域探索,尝试以代码构建扣人心弦的情节和令人沉浸的互动世界。

此外,我还是一名理论物理的业余爱好者,非常喜欢费曼 (open in a new tab)



My friends call me Jabriel, I'm a computer newbie, a game noob, and I'm on a mission to become both a master storyteller and a skilled dragon-slayer.

I've always been drawn to the power of a good narrative, whether it's in a book, a movie, a video game.

Currently, I work as a Game Engine Programmer (open in a new tab) based in China, where I'm dedicated to creating the next-gen interactive world that bring joy and excitement to people around the globe. I strive to use my code to tell compelling stories and create immersive experiences that engage players on a deeper level.

In addition, I am also an amateur enthusiast of theoretical physics and I am particularly fond of Richard Feynman (open in a new tab) .

I'll be sharing my thoughts and experiences in programming, hobbies, and life. As a fledgling dragon-slayer, I'll also share my adventures and lessons learned. I hope to tell captivating stories and experiences that both entertain and inspire, providing you with valuable insights along the way.

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