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rm -rf / *

I am totally talking nonsense.


The series is hugely about loss.

Welcome aboard the Hogwarts Express! I’m wizard Shlock Homeless Jukrb0x who graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (Gryffindor), and was working as an Auror for British Ministry of Magic.

This page that attest to you might have interest in me or you just get bored…

This Express built in centuries ago, many contents could be out of date and invalid for nowadays. Please double check when you execute according to anything you see, backup when necessary. Let me know if any problems occur.

However, I would be very appreciate if you don’t judge me by some rubbish since I wrote them as a young wizard.

The blog focuses on my life, and techniques I met in my work and study. You might point out any error in articles, as erros are allowed for any wizard.

For the inertia & pressures currently, I didn’t present a chinese version of blog description which may be added in the near future.


leaner, hacker, wizard.

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

I am jukrb0x, my friends all call me JB (lol who got lots of names, you may hear one like xphi4k, nur00t etc… but I don’t use old ones anymore, which means they are not me anymore in case of seeing them)

A student majors in Computer Science Dark Arts Defence, and possess the love and curiosity to the world.

I adore the great guy R.P.Feynman and his fantastic physics world.

The literature impacts me most is Harry Potter, the wizarding world along with the movies and books. (Great thanks to J.K.Rowling for creating this REAL wonderful world)

For someone confused, I used to change domain as frequently as change name, so I list a table here to show main domains/services for your reference.

da3r.devAPI services
r0.isBlog page
pur.dogAPI services
qfz.shSecurity pervasive service
zeph.mlLibrary and Tools

Wanna say something? Click Guestbook, I’d love to hear your idea. Nice to meet u in this world.



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